Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Morning Journal

I decided to implement a morning journal routine in our home school and it's turning out to be something we'll likely continue indefinitely.

We don't do anything complicated. It's not even the same every day.

It's just 10 minutes journaling each morning.

Some days, I'll give prompts.

  • Journal about our trip to town. 
  • Write about our house. 
  • Journal about a family member.
Most days, I don't.

Also, "journaling" can be writing, drawing, or a combination of the two. As the kids get older I might encourage "scrapbooking" if they seem interested in that, too. They are small enough that that would take longer than I want to spend on it right now, though.

I look forward to keeping these journals as a keepsake we'll be able to look back on as the kids get older. I'm also encouraged that journaling is a wonderful habit to get started on young.

Do you incorporate journaling in your home school?

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Dear judgemental Wal-Mart mom,

Great seeing you the other day.

Me? I was just out of the house for the first time in two weeks, enjoying the beautiful weather and some time with my family.

In fact, since for the first time in what felt like forever, we weren't in a hurry, we decided to shop for some art supplies! So much fun - the stuff dreams are made of for this homeschooling family.

We even decided to let our 4 year old choose some of his own items. It was the first time he was ever allowed to do that! Little did we know, he wasn't quite ready for that kind of freedom.

He got a little excited. He didn't quite understand the limits of the opportunity his dad and I had given him. "I need that ball!" he shouted.

"Wow." you snarled as you passed by us, raising your eyebrows at your husband and shaking your head our way.

Your reaction to my family's learning moment immediately made me feel two inches tall. Talk about embarrassed!

Our little boy must have seemed so entitled to you. You must have thought he was a spoiled brat.

But that's not true.

He's actually the best big brother those two little babies with us could ever ask for - constantly sharing and encouraging and kissing.
He's actually never even asked for us to buy something he has seen in the store until today.
I can actually count the number of battery operated toys he plays with on one hand. He shares those with his little bro, too, by the way.

He is so not spoiled. He is so not entitled.

You know what I am more embarrassed about? The way I let your reaction get to me. The way I let it ruin my day - my first day out of the house with my family in weeks. The way I let your rudeness affect the way I saw myself and the way I treated my family for the rest of the day. Lesson learned.

Thank you, judgemental Wal-Mart mom, for the reminder to encourage rather than discourage. I mean, who knows how my actions and words, however small, could be perceived? They could ruin someone's day... I don't want that. Did you?

Thanks, as well, for the reminder that my family's hearts are so much more important to me than your opinion. Priceless.

Until next time,
Frazzled mom of 3, an actual human being

Monday, March 31, 2014

Showered with Love - a skin solution giveaway from ibody science! - $89 Value

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With only pure botanical ingredients, I feel 100% safe using if for baby care and postpartum healing. 

The towelettes in particular are an incredibly handy item to have in supply during the newborn stage. 

Just some of the ways I've used them are:

  • Soothing and preventing diaper rash
  • Healing nursing blisters (owie!!)
  • Removing makeup in a pinch
  • Natural umbilical cord care
Other moms have had good results using skin solution for natural cesarean incision healing, as well.

ibody science also has a really amazing affiliate program - something bloggers will definitely want to check out.

Here's your chance to win a 100 count sleeve of towelettes for YOUR postpartum stage or a mama-to-be you love!

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Teaching Kids Survival Skills

Our job as parents and educators is, ultimately, to get our kids ready to take care of themselves and be positive contributors to society and to the world. Parenting has changed a lot over time, because so has the world. Some things stay the same - managing money, kindness, and values like hard work. Some things change over time - technology, the culture we live in. We need to be mindful about the world we live in and the way things are going if we want to raise kids that will be effective adults.

I want my boys to be ready for anything - while it's not my hope that they will never have to face any kind of emergency, disaster, or crisis, I want them to be prepared if they do. 

The Family Survival Course is a great starting point for families wanting to get prepared for different situations and cultivate the mindset to succeed in emergencies. I love that it covers both planning and mindset, because all the planning in the world won't help if you're freaking out in disaster-type scenario.

The course, admittedly, isn't perfect - but it's a great starting point for learning about family "prepping" and overall a good value. Check out this family survival course review if you'd like to learn more!

Friday, February 1, 2013

The Reading Lesson - Review of My Favorite Phonics Book

Last year, we bought Heart of Dakota's "Little Hearts for His Glory" curriculum. While our oldest son is only three, we wanted to start checking out some materials in order to plan for when we "officially" start homeschooling. Well, Little Hearts is a great curriculum and I plan to write more about it here as we dig into everything! We are already using some of what's in the curriculum with our preschooler.

The book that we've gotten the most use out of so far is The Reading Lesson: Teach Your Child to Read in 20 Easy Lessons. I love this book! It's been amazing to watch Mercury's reading skills grow as we go through the lessons.

The book teaches kids to read phonetically rather than focusing on sight words. While I don't think sight words are necessarily bad (and Mercury knows a LOT of sight words from seeing them on toys and stuff!), I think phonics are really important for teaching independent reading down the road.

Each lesson also features information for parents, taking all the guesswork out of teaching your little one to read! It almost "teaches you to teach" while teaching your kid to read. As a first-time home schooler, this is very helpful for me.

If your preschooler shows a lot of interest in learning how to read, I highly recommend this resource for early readers. It is such a simple book of lessons that we will probably end up using it for our other children as well, even if they do not show an interest as early. It really is a flexible guide.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Homeschooling vs. Public School: Infographic

I stumbled came across this infographic via Mama Making Changes and was reminded why our family has made the decision to homeschool. We, too, fall in the 73% of homeschoolers that are dissatisfied with the public school system. I even live in an area with pretty good schools.

As you can see from the infographic, homeschooled students tend to receive a better education. This doesn't surprise me at all - there are a few obvious benefits that home education provides:

  • more one on one time with each student
  • varied socialization with people of more ages and lifestyles
  • ability to tailor curricula to students skills and weaknesses, both in content and pace
  • more bonding with family
  • more invested interest in each students well being
I'm not knocking public school teachers at all. I admire what they do within such a flawed and limited system. Obviously, though, a parent is going to care more about how well a student does than a teacher who can't and shouldn't "play favorites" with anyone.

Homeschool Domination
Created by: CollegeAtHome.com

Do you homeschool? What are the reasons behind the decisions you make for your children's education?

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Corduroy Vocabulary Words

We are reading Corduroy this week and had so much fun choosing these 9 vocabulary words from the story!

What are you currently reading in your homeschool?